Other Services

Conservation / Preservation Assessments and Reports

The basic assessment includes a site visit to assess conditions of the structure/s, photographs and measurements of the site taken, and specific conditional readings taken, such as internal humidity and wood moisture readings as needed.

NNTF reports can be as simple or complex as a client requires. From the barest minimum addressing of a specific issue to complex, long-term preservation planning.

Cemetery and Burying Ground Preservation Planning

Ian has assisted in preservation planning for graveyards in the northeast and is available for conservation planning for historic sites, stones, and monuments.

Ian served as a consultant for the City of Boston from May 2013 to June 2014, cataloguing and digitally recording the entire fragmentary gravestone collection for the City of Boston and creating an electronic database and treatment plan for the 1,400+ fragments of gravestones from 16 historic burying grounds.

Two stories were written about this project in the Historic Burying Grounds Initiative Newsletter,  “Interview: Ian Stewart, organizing the gravestone fragment collection” in January 2013 and a follow-up story, “Progress on the Gravestone Fragment Collection” in October 2013.

He recently assisted the Kingston, NY police department in the return of a stolen gravestone to its appropriate resting place. He was featured in regional news for his assistance with a story on the Hudson Valley News Network and Time Warner Cable News for Buffalo.